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CIA tricks By Guest on 16th November 2019 01:18:44 AM
  2. .. I have information to tell you about usa involvement. Listen carefully please......... The "deep state" also known as the CIA or the traitors infiltrating the USA government agencies. The evil faction also known as the slave owners of the past. The corrupt wing of the government and mafia. The news networks working as their propaganda.
  4. These evil people have underground bases in countries around the world. They steal tax money to pay for illegal military. They destroyed governments. They are organ harvesting. They are child sex trafficking. They work with the cartel.
  6. Good people are destroying these evil slave traders. The underground bases are being destroyed. Dismantling is happening Internationally. There are riots happening in every city where there is FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING.
  7. They are being destroyed.
  9. The mafia owns the federal reserve banks
  11. What you are seeing in chili is the government mafia fighting back. They will fail. It is not just in chili. This is happening in Hong Kong, France, UK, USA, Iran, and Israel will be last.
  13. ... The TV news and main stream news Internationally is mafia controlled. They are censoring and manipulating news with CGI. The news is blocking truth of the revolution happening.

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